More information about me and see what other clients I’ve worked for.


Hi there!

I’m a Dutch allround illustrator who likes to work with a lot of colors and enjoys experimenting with all kinds of art styles. My main skills are illustration, animation and design. I started Studio KRHA for all my freelance activities. I run my own online comic called Semi Co-op, which is a weekly webcomic about board games. And I’m co-founder and game artist at Firedroid. Firedroid currently is inactive, so my main focus now is on freelancing.

My portfolio will give you an idea of my past and present work. If you’re interested and think that I’m a fitting match for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Or if you’re looking for an illustration or any other form of design, drop me a message.


In short, contact if you’re looking to Studio Krhahire somebody for:

  • game projects
  • illustrations
  • animations and motion graphics
  • design

If you have a smaller budget, we’ll see what’s possible and how I can help out. I hope to hear from you soon!

A few of the clients I have worked for or with: