Lieven and Marlien asked me to illustrate the birth card for their, back then, yet to be born baby girl. Very exciting and fun assignment!

Their wishes were really clear: a girl fox in a winter setting, with some other smaller animals and some snowdrops. The prefered style was clean, like a vector illustration, but… a little less boring than that! I send some sketches on which they gave feedback and in the end we came to the final image you see above. They were really happy with the result! :)

I didn’t have to design the back (or inside) of the card, since they wanted to experiment with engraving text into the card with a laser cutter. Lieven printed and engraved all of the cards himself! The final result of the card looks wonderful, and I love that they put the cut-out of the fox on the envelope.

  • ginny2
  • ginny3
  • ginny4

I also made another illustration of the fox, which could be used on the backside of the card. But Ginny was born a little earlier than expected, so there was no time to print it on all of the cards.