The Royal Express has been struck by lightning and is out of control! The king and queen have to work together to regain control over the train. “What must we do now?!” asks the queen. “What do we do now?!” asks the king. “What do WE do now?” they shout together. Complete the minigames by helping each other: one player needs the information given on the other player’s screen. Finish the tasks as quickly as possible!

Mayhem Majestatis was our entry in the Global Game Jam this year. The theme was “What do we do now?”. In the brainstorm session we played with the “we” in the sentence and quickly came to Royal We, also called majestatis pluralis.

Playing the game requires two computers, ideally not seeing each others screens. Players need the information that can be found on the screen of the other player, if given the right code. Resulting in a lot of stressed people that start screaming at each other.

More information:

I participated with the Firedroid team, joined by Heinze Havinga. We won the 2nd jury prize. :)