Om nom nom! In Ice Cream Nomsters you’ll have to deliver as much ice cream to as many monster houses as you can before time runs out! Try to keep up with the unusual growing craving for ice cream of these cute monster houses. Make your truck spit fire and be as quick as a race car, carry more ice cream and enjoy many other other features by upgrading your truck to keep up with the demand.

For more information:

Click here to see the trailers I made for the game.

  • icn_screen1
  • icn_screen2

The style and concept for Ice Cream Nomsters are done by Mariecke Kouwenberg and myself. After that phase, I did most of the art production and all of the animations in the game.


A small selection of some of the concept art I made:

  • icn_concept1
  • icn_concept2
  • icn_concept3
  • icn_concept4
  • icn_concept5

Flyer made for the game developers event Indievelopment: