Steven of Spellenhuis saw my webcomic Semi Co-op and contacted me with the question whether I could design a character for their board games store – but of course! We ended up with a character combination: a salesman and a meeple (a well known symbol in board games) for more dynamic images.

It was a very fun project to work on, thanks Spellenhuis!


Images for the rating of games in reviews.

spellenhuis01Various sketches of the salesman and the meeple. spellenhuis02

The meeple character.

For the holidays I made a set of graphics of hats, scarfs and other accessories that can be used on the already excisting images of the salesman and the meeple characters. This way the client has the freedom to combine images to create anything what they want.

A few examples made of graphics combined in one image:

spellenhuis_kerst spellenhuis_sint

Themed images for Christmas and Sinterklaas.